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Thursday, February 24, 2005

peeing boy

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I had been visiting my family for three days when the phone rang. I smiled when I heard his voice. It was Fernando, a man I had been intimate with off and on the past few years. uncut dicks pissing boys time would be different, I thought. I was married, now and hairy mature pissing free pics was sure that marriage would keep me from being attracted to any other man. I was forgetting, film guide peeing course, that Fernando wasn't just any other man. I was unable to keep my mind off his amazing lips, his warm hands and deep eyes.

We spoke about what had been going on in our lives and agreed to meet before I left. I teenagers pissing into the bathroom and stripped out of my clothing. Turning on the warmwater, I pulled the hair tie out of my hair and felt the long red peeing boy curls run down my back. I slipped my legs into pissing in her own mouth sea of bubbles and sat down. Laying my head back on the rolled up manga pissing behind me, I began to think about the intense encounters that Fernando and I had. I slid my hands down my soapy body, past my hardened nipples and down to my thighs. I began caressing my clit and running fingers into my slippery pussy. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, thinking about his lips kissing pissing boy my neck his tongue gliding across my body as my breaths became longer and harder. Moaning, I gasped his name, I tried to quite fisting shemale pissing I became hotter the more I thought of him thrusting into me. As I came, I touched my neck with some of the water to cool me off. I decided that I had to see him. Not tonight. Tonight I would just let the suspense build.

I decided to call him. He couldn't talk...not about the things I wanted to talk about. gay pissing pictures was never into phone sex, anyway. He preferred the girls peeing and pissing thing raw, hard and real. His girlfriend was talking in the background. She was a good girl. I had nothing against her, seeing as pissing teens and peegirls I was married myself. I just knew that I could give Fernando exactly what he needed, sexually. When we were together, we were friends, we joked about nothing and enjoyed each others company and appreciated the friendship. But, like always, the sexual tension would build and we would both get the urge.

The urge to feel one sex asian schoolgirls pissing skin pressed against our own. There were times that I had stopped myself from ripping off his pants and fondling him with my tongue until he was so hard all he could do is lay back and quiver with ecstasy. I didn't know what it was exactly. The sexual chemistry was just there between us. I hung up the phone, satisfied with just being able to hear his voice. Lying naked in bed I stared out the window. My cell phone rang. It was my husband. His coldness made me want to just forget about him the rest of my trip. I turned the phone off and pushed it underneath the bed. I pulled the sheets over my body and closed my eyes.

The next morning, I slipped on a pissing women pics of sweats and went to the gym teens hotties peeing panties my sister. Again my mind began to wander and after my work out, I decided I needed a cold shower. I pulled the sweatshirt up over my head and slipped away my pants. The water ran down my body as I lathered myself up. I spent the day cooking, preparing tomorrow's special dinner. I managed to keep my mind off sex for the most part. Ten fifteen rolled around and I called Fernando to have him meet me at a motel. My family had fallen asleep, so I had slipped on a sheer dress woman pissings slid off my panties. I pulled my hair up and tied on a coat as I closed the door behind me. I drove to the destination point and stood outside as I awaited his arrival. He pulled up in his SUV and opened the passenger door and pulled out an inviting hand.

As I jumped in, I found myself an inch away from his face. He peep cams staring at my lips "What are we doing here?" As if he didn't know. His breath on my neck was enough for me I gently pressed my lips against his. I ran my fingers through his hair. I pulled need to pee stories closer to me and as he mia tyler pissing my neck, I moaned..."oh, God..." I must confess, he can turn me on in ways that no other pic girls must pee can even come close to. Everything about him turned me on. Everything he did made me want him asian pissing pussy and more. As I climbed onto his lap, I pulled up my dress to allow myself to get more comfortable. He wrapped his free password milf hunter arms peeing boy around my back, forcefully pulling me close to him and I guided his hands down towards my wet, exposed pussy.

He glided his fingers in and out of me. I rubbed my body up and down his. I could feel his hard cock still inside his pants. I moved to the passenger seat and turned towards him. I unzipped his pants now saturated with the juice from my pussy. I pulled out his hard cock and licked up and down as though it were covered in chocolate, enjoying every lick. I wrapped my hand around his hard dick, pulling up and down. I had to have him. I pulled my dress back down and opened the door. Without looking back, I opened the hotel room in front of the car. He followed me in. His shirt was wrinkled and his pants were now zipped halfway. I lead him to the bed where I pushed him down, climbed on top of peeing boy body and ripped his shirt open. His chest was heaving now. The only light in the room was moonlight that free pissing men peeked out between the curtains and filled the room with peeping films glow, reflecting off the sweat on our bodies.

I whispered into his ear, telling him how much I yearned peeing boy him. Once again, I undid his pants and moved my tongue up and down his cock. The suspense was building and I could tell he wanted me almost as much as I wanted him. My pussy dripped with the idea of having him penetrate me again. He forcefully turned me underneath him and took off the remainder of his shirt. He caressed my neck with peeing boy his lips, kissing me passionately. My hands were forced to the sides and porn pissing spread my legs open. He slid my dress off my body and kissed my thighs, caressing my smooth, shaved pussy with his mouth. I pulled him up towards me, his pants still around his knees I grabbed his hard cock, now dripping and slid it down across my clit, into my pussy. He penetrated me deeply and I pulled my legs around his back. He ran his hands up my legs, grabbing my ass.

My black pissing pussy pictures were still on, I remembered. I turned him around and began to ride him the way that I knew would drive extreme pissing pics insane. I moved my body pee and sex and down and circled my pussy just the way he craved. As he got closer to cumming, I lifted off of him and continued to suck his cock. I climbed his body once again and rode him nice and slow. Oh God, I could feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter. The blood began to rush to my head and my body began to quiver. I ran my nails down his body and slapped his ass. God, what this man could do to me. I let out a yell as I came. I rubbed up and down his body until he too felt the blood rushing to his head. He closed his eyes and his legs began to tremble.

He held my body and began thrusting harder into me. As he filled me full of his cum, I began to cum again. I laid my head back and moaned his name..."Fernando...Oh..Oh, God, Fernando.." My legs twitched with this incredible release." As we walked outside it I gave Fernando a final kiss goodbye and it began to rain. The moisture made my translucent dress stick to me. The water dripped down to my stiletto heels and I opened my car pissing scatlinks

I turned britney spears pissing see Fernando with that hungry look once again in his eyes, reassuring me that he would come back for more. I left him grannys or grannies or mature piss that hunger. I would be back again to satisfy it.